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4 buoys are available in the camping bay.

If you are interested in a buoy, just contact us by phone or mail for more information.

We also offer the possibility of slipping your boat into the lake by tractor (this service is only possible if you are a guest on our campsite or have booked a buoy with us.


   low season  mid season  high season
sailboat <4m /N €  4,00  5,00  6,00
sailboat or catamaran >4m /N €  5,00  6,00  7,00
motorboat/dinghy with engine <20PS /N €  5,00  6,00  6,00
motorboat <80PS /N €  5,50  7,00  
motorboat >80PS /N €    6,50  8,00  
buoy <80PS /N €  10,00  13,00  13,00
buoy >80PS /N €  11,00  15,00  15,00
boat slipping with tractor < 80 PS 1x  14,00  16,00  18,00
boat slipping with tractor > 80 PS 1x  16,00  20,00  20,00



If you have booked a buoy with us, it must be paid to 100% (even in case of early departure or short term cancellation of your stay).







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